Wednesday, 18 September 2013

5 steps to build smarter team to build smarter enterprise

How do we build a smarter enterprise? What are the key building blocks of a smarter enterprise? What effort it takes to build a smarter enterprise?

These were the fundamental questions in my mind when I was traveling back after our 5th year anniversary celebration of our business. Today after establishing the basic operational governance and stability, sustenance is not a challenge so it has opened an wonderful opportunity to build a smarter enterprise and smarter growth for all stakeholders.

In my view there are two key building blocks to build smarter enterprise:
1. Smarter Customer
2. Smarter Team

All the others aspects of business are important but they all fall under one of the above two category.

My blog post focuses on the 5 steps to build smarter team to build smarter enterprise

1. Team who has basic aptitude

We can sharpen an axe to chop a tree but if you have a knife, no matter how much you sharpen you will not be able to chop a tree. So finding like minded people, self-motivated, sound attitude, aptitude, desire to learn and grow with manageable ego is first step to build a smart team.

2. Partner with a smarter external mentor

The senior management of a company are drivers of culture and may not be able to drive talent transformation very well as largely sympathetic as they are aware of internal situation and busy with day-to-day affairs and business challenges. Also these internal challenges can blind us out from confronting the brutal reality. So an external mentor who has passion for life long learning and who can also understand and contribute towards company's vision, strategy, goals should constantly drive and mentor talent transformation which is important to build smarter team.

3. Define the talent transformation vision with strong behavioral and performance improvement metric

We need fundamental changes in approach to bring smartness. Unlearning can be most difficult exercise. So defining big picture and aligning goals around big picture is the blue print which drives/ helps build smarter team. Talent transformation is not a session but a journey. Constant investment of right people, time, energy and resources needs to be allocated.

4. Define the calendar of events to stay focused 

Based on the talent transformation vision and defined metric, put a annual calendar with details for the quarter and month. In the calendar make sure you brief is not centric towards specific technology or skill, but provide a deeper subjects like application of mind, business acumen, customer centricity etc. 

5. Start talent transformation from the top

Talent transformation is not a top down approach, but starting from top provides a stronger message and strengthens the positioning that we are all students for life. Top and middle management are facilitators of this transformation and they should be involved right from the start to create eco-system of growth.

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