Friday, 20 September 2013

My view: Systematic conservatism

Recently I was inspired reading one of our well-wisher, Poonam's Facebook feed on how she is mindful of things around her life. I could relate to her feed and put me thinking about my own self and what inspired me to be conservative.

I feel it is not being conservative but it is about being "systematically being conservative" which makes the big difference. Lot of tall leaders like Narayan Murthy, Azim Premiji, J R D Tata and likes are all known for conservatism but they all made and shared wealth. If they were conservative they would never take risks, never did bold investments, they would always be contented with what they have. But I feel they and many of us are systematically conservative. Which means, we spend on things which matter the most and ensure we respect and make best use of those things which we invest on. Systematically conservative means being thankful and mindful without being arrogant of those little/ big things around us.

I learnt my lesson to be systematically conservatism from my grandfather, Shri. Narasimha Prabhu.
  • He was financially well-off but until age of 65 he was riding to office on his cycle. I think he always treated reaching destination matters the most, while mode of travel is just means to get to the end point. 
  • After a particular age, he had to give-up his cycle, and then always preferred a shared auto to his factory as he said it will take the same time to reach yet cost less 
  • I remember he always had a list of points to discuss before he dialed any call, so that he does not waste air time during the call 
  • He used to re-use envelops he received, by re-pasting new address on the old
For more details, pls refer my bolg - My grandfather my leader 

Being systematically conservative is an approach which is not limited just to personal life, but in true sense extends to every aspect of an individual life including office. So the issue is how much you hate when you see wastage at office. In my experience, many are conservative only at personal things but rip-off when it is somebody else. Isn't this being self centered way of looking at conservatism? 

My big learning from being systematically conservative is that it helps us being humble and helps us realize that we are lucky and respect and be thankful for every thing around us.  

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