Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Are you using CRM or CTM? (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Transaction Management System)

Is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helping you manage and grow Customer Relationship or is the system supporting you to drive Customer Transaction only?

The more we work with customers on CRM initiatives,  I feel, we are engaging at a CTM (Customer Transaction Management) level. Though I completely agree and propose to our customers that CTM is the first step to improve sales productivity and sales efficiency, but the larger vision should be around CRM.

I thought of sharing my views and differences between CTM and CRM as many of our Customers are shifting from CTM to CRM. 

We engage with our customer on larger CRM vision starting initially with CTM roll-out but quickly focus on building CRM fundamentals which brings higher business impact. Most of our customers are benefiting hugely by this shift from CTM to CRM. 

CRM is a strategic way of building a technology which will differentiate businesses in the market place. CTM is very transactional and tactical. CTM provides data but not the leverage for growth. A strong CRM strategy helps companies scale and grow. 

If you have a CTM and want to make a shift to CRM we can work on developing CRM vision and help you with transformation roadmap. 


  1. Good read Ajay, keep it coming

  2. This is a good article. It all points towards one thing - how businesses are becoming more and more customer centric. You see this especially with sales and CRMs. Today's customer needs data immediately, and needs a CRM system that can provide them that. Enter integration with social media - a system capable of pulling in data from all over social media about a customer and collating them in the CRM. Agile CRM is a good example of a CRM that does this and also performs efficient marketing automation. That's another place where content is slowly becoming emperor.